Apple Photos 2: Capture and Import

How to use the Camera App and get all your pictures into Photos


  • You don't understand the modes in the Camera App like Portrait and Live Photo
  • You want to save Messages and Email attachments to Photos
  • You want clean up the digital Post-it's and photo reminders
  • Photos aren't showing up where you thought they should


You love your photos. Your iPhone is always there to take beautiful pictures of your family and friends and the moments you want to save every day. It’s so cool.

You became a photographer.

But that cool technology has a price. Suddenly you’re buried in photos. You can’t find “that” picture. You’ve got a zillion albums. And you’re probably running out of space!

With all the settings and syncing from iPhone to iCloud to Mac to . . . IPad? Apple Watch? Back to iCloud? It’s just overwhelming figuring it all out. And then there’s the camera photos and scans and emailed pictures that need to be somewhere you can find them.

It all looks like such a great system for your photos, but you don’t get how to make it work the way you thought it would. The whole Apple thing is that it’s supposed to be easier to use, not harder. It can make you long for film and double prints.


Some people will say you ought to use Google Photos, or Amazon Photos, or Flickr, or whatever is the new hot photo organizing app. Others will tell you stories about how Apple messed up everything when they switched from iPhoto to Photos and you're better off getting your pictures out of Photos altogether.


I can tell you as a lifelong photographer, an iPhone owner since day one, and a former Apple Genius that none of the other systems offer anything close to the complete iPhone to photobook experience that Apple does. Everything else has issues of its own too. Whether it's performance, connectivity, security, convenience, future-proofing, or whatever, every system has its issues. And that includes Apple Photos. Just not so much.

Apple introduced the world to digital photo organizing with iPhoto. Then they started mobile photography with the iPhone and they built an elegant workflow using Photos and iCloud to connect to the Mac. No other company has better reason to continue supporting their products in this space and to keep improving it every year.


I know why you're here. I hear it every day from clients and almost everyone I meet. Like them, you are awash in photos. And in particular, probably dealing with at least one of 3 things:

  • It takes you longer to find a photo (if you do) than it does to share it.
  • You are running out of room on your [pick one] iPhone, iPad, iCloud, Mac because of all your photos.
  • Your Apple Photos ecosystem seems to be suffering global meltdown and you have trouble syncing, sharing, organizing, editing, creating projects, and whatever else looked so cool and easy in the video at the Apple Store.

I get it.

I was an Apple user long before I worked there and I’ve been confused too. Even though the system worked really well, it wasn’t easy to understand. You could get sidetracked in the process. I’ve even lost photos altogether - actually watched them disappear. It’s a terrible feeling.

But I was still convinced that it was the best system anywhere for organizing my photos and I spent years looking everywhere for tips and tricks. Then, at Apple, I learned from the inside how all the apps and iCloud fit together as a system. A digital ecosystem.

Working one-to-one with thousands of customers helped me learn which steps were most confusing to users and how to help them turn their iPhone photography and organizing on Photos for Mac into an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Now I want to share all of that with you, too.



Now that you've got your settings and storage options sorted, we'll move on to the fun part: capturing photos using the iPhone camera.

In this module, we'll look at the various features of the iPhone camera, including HDR, self-timer, filters and more. We'll also look at video features like timelapse and slow-mo.

I'll also show you how to save and import your photos and how to use them in third-party photo apps.

Scroll down for a full list of lessons included in this module.

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Apple Photos Start to Finish is simple and fun, but it connects all the dots from critical setup choices on your iPhone through the iCloud Photo Library and into organizing steps on Photos for Mac. It couldn't be simpler:

  • Watch the video lessons
  • Follow along with the steps on your own devices
  • Enjoy your photos

I’ve broken down the lessons into a natural order so you can see how one step leads into the next. When you finish, you will understand how your photos move through the Apple Photos workflow, where they are, and all the ways you can use them.

But even better, I divided up the course into 5 individual modules so if a more experienced Apple user just wants the Editing module, she can get that by itself.

Your Instructor

Paul Einarsen
Paul Einarsen

Photography has been a part of my life since I picked up a camera in high school. Along the way I was a travel and outdoor sports photographer, worked in the printing industry, and was an early Photoshop adopter. I've represented some of the leading digital photography studios before joining Apple as a member of both Genius and Creative teams. Throughout my career I have trained clients and the public on photography, digital photo organizing, desktop publishing and Apple software applications. I love working with people to delight and empower them through the creative use of technology.


Enroll now. See how easy the Apple Photos ecosystem can be to understand when you take the process in bite-sized pieces and follow your photos step by step from when you take them on your iPhone to when you create beautiful prints or a full-sized photo book and share them with friends and family. Before you know it, you will master the technology and become the “go-to” person for tips on iPhone setup and photo organizing on the Mac.

Even more important, you will be able to find the photos you want, when you want. You can celebrate your life in pictures the way it should be. And you’ll have the confidence that your photos are not only securely backed up but are organized in a meaningful way that you and your family can enjoy for a lifetime.

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